Jun 28, 2011

What happens when you disappear ... a bloggers demise

Back in the beginning stages of this blog, I was addicted. I tried my best to post every day, spent hours commenting on all your posts, twittered, networked, it was bliss. I learned SOOO much about writing and met some of the most amazing people, so of whom have become incredible friends.

So, I blogged ... and I blogged and I blogged and I blogged ... and while doing so I wrote my novels. Then I thought, why not expand. I can blog here and there and over in that spot. So I made an author site, a spin off site, a here site a there site everywhere a site site. And then one day it happened, I had so many blogs I didn't know which one to concentrate on. I'd torn my tiny little bloul (blogger soul) into too many pieces ... little mini brorcruxes (blogger horcr.... ok I'll stop with the word meshing).

I knew at that point I had to concentrate on one and one alone. As my heart lies with psychology and mental illnesses (considering I'm bipolar and all, yippeeee), I focused on my Ask a Bipolar site. Amazing things happened. This past year has been incredible! So much so I'm attending my first national convention next week (Oh yeah, you totally just heard me squee!).

But here's the thing about that site, it's just not the same. It's a world different from my blogger days. The networking has disappeared in that I no longer network with fellow bloggers, I network with fellow bipolar sufferers. I'll assume you can see the difference between the two. Instead of learning from my blogger friends, I'm teaching others about something they know little about. Where as that is awesome, I miss blogger friends.

Alas, here I am, a little over a year later, and all that networking I did while I blogged here ever day, it's all disappeared. I no longer had/have time for the twittering, blog hopping/commenting, and constant contact with all my fellow writers. It's sad really.

NOW I am NOT complaining ... I am merely trying to send out a suggestion to all you bloggers out there. Stay with ONE site. Make it yours. Do many different things if you feel the need to, but keep it all in one. Because when you spread out, you spread yourself thin, then suddenly you can't keep up.

I'm in the process right now of trying to be a student, writer, website founder, friend, mother, wife and spectacular person. And sometimes one me is just not enough. But regardless, I miss you guys! If you can, stay in touch. If we don't stick together, we all might just fall apart!


~pocket christi~ said...

One of the beautiful things my dear, about a site that has multiple authors is that you, as founder, have the ability to DELEGATE!!! GASP!!! I know. I know it is hard to relenquish control, BUT, in effort to make some time for the other writing you love to do, it might be helpful. JUST a suggestion because I already think we all know that you are a spectacular person, a great friend, a phenom writer, stellar wife and mother, and amazeballs website founder! Look at the success thus far! Thats just my two cents worth..... maybe I should have sticked to a penny.... hmmmmmm....... *shrug*

Theresa said...

My lovely little Poppins...your cute little Pocket Christi has a point. Delegation can be your friend. You are missed, but never, ever, never forgotten. We love our little Poppins who pops in every now and again to let us know she hasn't fallen off the planet. And I love you most because we look alike and such. Mwah!
Miss Charlotte

Jessica Nelson said...

Well....I had no clue you were blogging somewhere else. LOL I'll have to check it out because my sis might be bipolar so it's good to get some knowledge on the subject.
No worries, things change and it's regretful sometimes but I won't ever forget ya. :-)

Kathi Oram Peterson said...

Thanks for the wonderful advice. I worry about spreading myself too thin as well. Glad I'm not alone. But I am determined to focus on my blog more. Thanks again.