Apr 26, 2010

I may or may not be ... offering a free critique!

Losing my mind? Let's go with MAY be!

I realize I say "I may or may not be..." often. Like really often. And usually, it means I may be doing or have done the thing I'm talking about.


I thought it would be more fun to have you guess some on your own. So here we go ...

I may or may not be ...
  1. drawing a blank as to what to write next ...

  2. recovering from a LONG weekend full of cake and parties and cleaning ...
  3. finished editing my book and super happy with the results ...

  4. in love with my new house ...

  5. excited about cleaning said new house today ...

  6. in need of a shower ...

  7. happy with my shoe wardrobe ...

  8. in need of a few good gnomes ...

  9. having an easy time jumping back into twitter and facebook ...

  10. full of ideas for new books ...
So in the comments section number 1-10 and next to each number write "may" or "may not".

Doesn't that sound fun! (Feel free to write your reasoning after it. That could be fun too!)

I decided for my prize I would offer a free critique of your first three chapters. But beware ... I'm quite honest (in the nicest way possible) and I tell it like it is.

So good luck! May the best gnome loving fan win!


Scott said...

1 - may
2 - may
3 - may not
4 - may
5 - may not
6 - may
7 - may not
8 - may
9 - may not
10 - may not

Katie Ganshert said...

fun contest!

T. Anne said...

I may
2 may
3 may not
4 may not
5 may
6 may not
7 may
8 may not
9 may
10 may

Did I win??? Did I? Did I??? ;)

Jessica M. said...

I want to play!!

1. May

2. Definitely MAY!

3. May not

4. May!

5. May not

6. May (I mean, I can smell you from here!)

7. May not (Or if you are, you sure didn't show me!)

8. May (You're always in need of more gnomes. There are NEVER enough gnomes!)

9. May not

10. May

Yay! I played LOL

(PS: My word verification is codgiche. That sounds horrible)

Shannon O'Donnell said...


1. may
2. may
3. may
4. may
5. may not
6. may
7. may not
8. MAY
9. may not
10. may not

Fun idea! :-)

Jonathon Arntson said...

1. May, but isn't that subjective?
2. May
3. May, at this very second, but certainly may not feel that way in thirty seconds.
4. May, as in for sure.
5. May because you get to discover all the nooks and crannies THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA-style.
6. May, especially after the cleaning.
7. May, especially if it's a lot like number 5.
8. May, like, when aren't you.
9. May not, who needs technology anyway?
10. May, like cleaning a shoe wardrobe and falling into a whole new world.