Apr 4, 2010

This is YOUR chance!

So I'm back today. Back on twitter, back on facebook and although I didn't officially fast from it, I am back to Blogger. It was strange how without the other two, the one didn't seem to be needed either. But more on that later...cuz that's about me! We'll get to me tomorrow. After all, I luvs me sum talkin bout me!!! Me Me Me Me Me!!! (this can be sung as well as spoken!)

But today I want to hear about YOU! What have I missed. I need updates. I want to hear every tiny little important detail that I haven't read about. What has been happening on your blogs? It's not that I don't want to read them for myself, but I'm quite positive I don't have the time to catch up on all my favorite blogs from the last month. (Cuz um...well I may or may not read way too many blogs...)

So PLEEEAAAASSSSEEEE tell me what I've missed. I'll be your best friend! Did I miss anything fun on facebook or twitter? (Is asking what I missed on facebook and twitter cheating on my fast? Cuz technically my fast is over so I think it's totally fair to look back...right???)

Oh and by the way, if you are asking what I missed the most ... It was totally all of you!


Simon C. Larter said...

Wow. You missed a lot.

First, Shannon Messenger and Frankie Mallis had a huge fight on Twitter about some critiques they'd sent one another. I didn't think Shannon knew some of those words! And in any case, they totally should have done that offline.

Anne Riley decided she was done with the writing thing for a while and was going to retire from blogging to focus on her first love, backpacking in Europe. Personally, I think she ran off with Boudreau Freret, 'cause they both disappeared from the blogosphere at the same time.

I hear Elizabeth Spann Craig was arrested for drug trafficking. I know, right?

I also may have lied about some or all of those things....


Jessica M. said...

In my life? Kind of a lot...but as I'm in the process of moving on and up, I'm in no mood to relive any of it. Feel free to read my twitter feed for what was a good period of almost daily panic attacks. Yay! And be happy that I became more positive about life before you came back to the interwebs!! Hehehe. I missed you friend!

Shannon O'Donnell said...

I.Missed.You!! Welcome back! It just hasn't been the same without you. The big news in your absence belongs to Shannon M. and Beth Revis! Also, Caroline got an agent! There were others too who got agents and cool deals, but I can't remember them all right now. I'm just sooooooo glad you're back! :-)

Foursons said...

Welcome back and congrats for making it through! That was not an easy time I'm sure. As for me, the big news...I'm now a millionaire. No not really. Same-o, same-o around here.

Courtney Barr - The Southern Princess said...


I hope you are having a marvelous Easter!

Visit My Kingdom Anytime

Dawn Hullender said...

I missed my critique buddy! I'm glad to see you back and hope you aren't still peeved about the whole texting-in-the-middle-of-the-night accident.

Did I mention you look pretty?

I totally love your hair....


Faith said...

I *knew* you'd have a post up today!!! Driving home from my parents I thought to myself "hmm, technically the 40 days end today, so I wonder if Marybeth will pop back onto social networking at the first available moment..." and you did! LOL.

However, I'm looking forward to hearing more about how life went without social networking... and whether a little fast from it now and again wouldn't be a good idea for the rest of us :)

In the meantime, welcome back crit buddy!!!

Mindy said...

Welcome Back!!! Did you learn anything during your fasting of the social networking?

CMOM Productions said...

I took a blogger break for 2 weeks, but I believe you already knew that. I'm happy you are back MB!!!