Apr 15, 2010

In which I talk about my opinions of Koolaid and their possible relationship to writing and/or parenting...


Sorry I couldn't help myself there.

It never fails, I'm laying in bed last night attempting to sleep and my brain says, "But WAIT! I have some ideas."

And I say, "Um I'm trying to sleep here!"

At which it replies, "But these are really good ideas. You should totally take your daughter to get her hair cut after here First Communion. Isn't it funny that she wants a blue extension. Ha ha ha. OMG do you remember..."

"Yo Brain, I'm getting annoyed...though seriously...it is kinda funny."

"No seriously! Remember that time you died your hair with Kool-Aid when you were 13!"

"Oh yeah! And then the mom at the slumber party we were at got all mad and one of the girls told her it was her shampoo that did it. Good times..."

So I'm kinda laughing at this point...

"Dude! You should write a facebook post about that!"

"Um yeah, I'm trying to sleep here."

I sigh....the brain reminds me that my Crackberry is right next to my bed and convinces me to do a tiny quick little post.

Marybeth Geer-Smith I miss The Great Bluedini. not only was it the best Kool-Aid flavor ever, but it was also an excellent hair dye.

And THEN it has the tenacity to correct me!

"Oh come on Marybeth, you know that Kickin Kiwi Lime was the BEST Kool-Aid flavor ever!!!"

Good point...Kickin Kiwi Lime was totally the most rockin flavor ever.

So um here is the point where I tie this whole Kool-Aid episode into writing and/or parenting.




So writing is like Great Bluedini Kool-Aid, you start drinking it and you think it's the best thing ever!!! But THEN someone places a big fat glass of Kickin Kiwi Lime in front of you and says, "Try this, you won't regret it!"

But you say, "No! This Great Bluedini is the best there is!"

And they say, "Just try it!"

So you do ... and you can't help it, it's better. Well not only is it better, it's Fantastic!

It happens. We write something wonderful and think we could never do anything better, but then we do. We scratch it out and write something phenomenal. And that's ok. As long as we aren't afraid to try that new flavor (aka technique).

As for parenting, give your kids Kool-Aid. It builds lasting memories. And it's ok if they die their hair with it. It washes out. I promise!

So every time I pass the Kool-Aid isle I look for Kickin Kiwi Lime, always end up disappointed though. Now they only make flavors like Watermelon Cherry. UM HELLO! Nobody likes Watermelon Cherry! (Ok so I've never tried it ... I suppose I should give it a try.)


Jonathon Arntson said...

Dane Cook.

Courtney Barr - The Southern Princess said...

Oh how I remember those Kool Aids!!!!! Wow. Talk about walking down The Memory of Flavors Lane!

Love this by the way and you are so right. It is the risk we take in believing in our own talents that surprise us every time. ;o)

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Shannon O'Donnell said...

I loved Kool Aid as a kid! :-)

Natalie said...

Um, you are hilarious. I never did like Kool Aid in any flavor. I think that makes me weird.

But I totally get the writing comparison. The next thing you write will always be better than what you're writing now, but that's good right?

Simon C. Larter said...

The real question is: what's the best flavor of Kool-Aid to mix with vodka? What? The Great Bluedini? WRONG! The answer is vodka doesn't need to be mixed, except maybe with ice. *rolls eyes*

You're as funny as ever, m'dear. Love the random.

CMOM Productions said...

Kool-Aid is childhood in a packet! I love the writing reference. Also... if you are considering the blue streak, they make temporary color that fades out.

Jessica Nelson said...

You know what? I didn't even know Kool-Aid still existed. So sad. Plus, my mom never, ever let us drink it. LOL So I don't even know these flavors. Too funny about the hair-dye! And great tie-in to writing. You're absolutely right.

Elana Johnson said...

This makes sense to me. Just because something is GOOD doesn't mean that it can't be BETTER.

Rebecca @ Diary of a Virgin Novelist said...

I kind of want to go die my hair with Kool-aid now.

Thanks for the post!

T. Anne said...

I remember that flavor! They don't have it anymore??? Bummer. And yes, there is no dye like Kool aid. Does it come in blonde? ;)