Sep 30, 2011

Feedback and Reviews = Sequels of Epic Proportions

Workin on the sequel ... yep ...

Just want to throw something out there, kay? Sweet!


Fall Girl is probably my favorite out of all the books I've written, but I have this HUGE advantage with writing this sequel ... FEEDBACK!

Reviews are rough, especially when they are picking apart something you've worked on for the past year! Some reviews make you smile and some reviews make you want to cry. It's all part of a writers world. But I'm not going to lie, it's the ones that make my all flustered that happen to be my favorites.

(Masochist? Who? Me? Noooooo)

What I'm saying is, these reviews which break apart me book and tell me, "It would have been great, but ..." these are the ones that guide me while writing this sequel. I now know what I need more of and what I need less of (apparently F bombs made the less of list ... which is really funny because I rarely use the word myself. Go figure) and what I did just right.

I look at these reviews as if they are my own personal Goldilocks. It's all the same book/porridge (except my book tastes way better than porridge ... bleck!) no matter who is reading it, but everyone (My Goldilocks) views it a little differently depending on what how (as in what chair/bed/etc.) the are reading it. My book has been all three ...

Too Cold - Not enough about Blake, Not enough about bipolar, Not enough realistic situations ...

Too Hot - Too much teenage melodrama, Too much swearing, Too much cutsie cheesiness ...

JUST RIGHT - This is the majority of my reviews (thankfully) These are the reviews that make me tear up in a whole different way. They are by far the ones that make me feel as though I've done my job, but they also tell me HOW I did that job right.

 So I have these three types of reviews ... some are wanting more, some are wanting less and some think it's perfect the way it is. Each of these types helps me grow and brings my sequel to a whole new level.

That level?


So which chair did you sit in my dear Goldilocks'? Did you like my porridge? Was my bed fluffy enough for you? Was the chair you sat in just right?

If you've got feedback, I want to hear it!

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