Jul 26, 2012

Is Poppins Back?

http://static.someecards.com/someecards/usercards/5e3f75703a95cb4aedbdc0ecb22356352d.pngWell I've been doing some soul searching. Not that that's anything new. I'm pretty sure I'm soul searching at least every other day.


"I'm in love with ice cream and I want us to be together forever!"

Two Days Later

"Sorbet is the best desert in the world and I don't know how I could have ever been in love with that dairy filled cream of ice."

"I'm going to be an author for the rest of my life!!!"

Two Days Later

"I'm going to go to school and study psychology!!!"

Four Days Later

"I'm going to be an advocate for mental illness and devote all my time to it!"
Needless to say ... I'm stinking indecisive in a very difficult sort of way. But it's what makes me me, so deal with it world! Bwahahahaha ...

Sorry, kinda got carried away there for a moment.


I've been searching my soul, which happens to be partial to Sorbet lately, and decided, "Damn, I really miss being funny!"

Cuz let's face it, running a website about bipolar disorder can get a bit depressing after awhile. And although my heart and soul are in it, I just think I need a little extra something to keep the happy around.

I was totally desperately searching for happy ... desperately searching??? HOLY BALLS!!! That's it! I need to revive Poppins. Even if for only a bit ... she just needs to come back!

So, here I am. I've once again redesigned the site. It's pretty lame and I'm sure it will change again, but at least now there is a bit more info about me and my books. Not to mention a killer picture of Fall Girl at #4 on Amazon right after the Hunger Games Trilogy!!!

So tell me what you think. Is it time for Poppins to return? If so, what is it you've missed the most?

Stay tuned to see here my soul searching lands me next!


Theresa Whitman said...

Oh, how I've missed Poppins! Welcome back, lovie! :)

Marybeth Poppins said...

Why thank you sister of Awesomeness :)

~pocket christi~ said...

I say reach in that god damn bag and pull out the coat rack and umbrella (if you lost the poppins bag, rest assured that I probably have about 52 that are large enough to suit your needs) and stay awhile. I was just thinking the same thing about myself when i was reading previous blog posts I had written. I was like "where the hell did the funny christi go?" people used to think I was hilarious and somewhere I became this sad, pesimistic, bitter human. You bring your Poppins back, I'll bring my Christi back, well let Justin stay in charge of bringing sexy back, and lets have fun again!!! :)

Marybeth Poppins said...

But But But ... But I wanted to bring sexy back!!!

*hangs head*

Fine ... I'll just settle for my funny then!