Jul 27, 2012

I'm not just an Awesome Writer ya Know!

I mean, I AM an awesome writer (or so they tell me ... I've still yet to be completely convinced!) and all, but there's so much more I do! Like, a lot more. Like, I probably shouldn't be reviving Poppins because there's so much more that I do. But Posh to That!

As it's been pretty much freaking FOREVER since I've done one ... I now present thine selves with ...

Top Ten Things Poppins Does BESIDES Writing!

  1. I'm a mom! GASP!!! I know ... I had a feeling no one knew about that one. I mean, just because I'm searching for my inner Mary Poppins doesn't mean I have to be a mom, right? Well it's true. I raise three little devils angels as my "official" full time job. And there's something about cooking and cleaning and laundry ... but that's all just hearsay.

  2. I design Websites. Mr. Poppins thinks I should do this for a living. I think he's cracked in the head because if I did it for a living I wouldn't find it fun anymore. DUH!!! Here's a couple of my favorites.
    This is by far my favorite. It's a site for my sister's artwork. All of the Design Images are actually her Paintings! Does it get any cooler than that!!!
    This is probably my second favorite. Probably just cuz I really like Pizza!
  3. I run on the Board for Nami MI (National Alliance of Mental Health) and recently I was given the opportunity to go to Seattle, WA.While I was there I got to do LOTS of cool things like ...
    Visit and Eat at the Space Needle
    Do a Book Signing!
    Lend a man my coat!

  4. Although if you had asked me a year and a half ago if I would EVER own a pet, I'd have said HEAL NO! ... I now own TWO dogs and I feel like that in itself is a full time job. My newest puppy, Henry is quite the beast!
    Why yes, that is a "Beware of Dog" Shirt!

  5. I run ...

  6. .

  7. I blog ... like for a million blogs (number may or may not reflect actual number of blogs I write for.) Currently, besides my Ask a Bipolar blog I am blogging for International Bipolar Foundation, bpHope Magazine and WebMD. I know it seems like I'm kinda a big deal ... but I promise, I'm still just little ol' Poppins!

  8. I've been dabbling a bit in photography. But unfortunately, I don't own a cool enough camera to REALLY get into it. (insert grumbles and profanity here) Here's a few photos I've tinkered with lately.
    This is one of my roses that bloomed in like March and died by the end of May!
    In case you didn't know ... I like wine!
    Meet Poncho. He's a bad @$$ mother puppy!
  9. I now go to school! I'm officially entering my sophomore year as a psychology major. I'm old, I know. But I had to go back to school eventually! Now let's see if I can make it through my PHD? (Stop laughing! I can do it ... I swear ...)

  10. I start random facebook groups. I'm not sure why, but about every few months I start a new one out of the blue. The newest has been fun though. We name the top 5 things every day that made us happy :) Feel free to join us!

  11. I sit and ponder the meaning of life while drinking a margarita and/or glass of wine and toss back and forth ideas for new blogs, facebook pages, books, movies, ways to become a super star! It's really tiring work, but someone's gotta do it!
I'm pretty sure I do more, it's just hard to think of it after trying to cram in all those tiny pictures when blogger just wasn't having it in my ordered list. Sigh ...

When you don't write and/or do whatever it is that you do ... what do you spend your time on?

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