Jul 31, 2012

My Patronus is a Unicorn

I know, I know. Harry Potter is all over and done with and all that fun stuff. But I'm not gonna lie ... I'LL NEVER STOP LOVING THAT SERIES ...


*sniff sniff*

I mean I was actually super sad the night I went to see the last movie. I was like, "What the heck ... now what midnight movies am I going to go to?"

Well, so far that question hasn't been answered. So in the meantime I like to pretend that one day Harry Potter will come back because Malfoy was bitten by the Dark Lord before Harry killed him and is full of all sorts of Dark Magic. Then Harry and Ginny will have to train Albus Severus and the other two kids with better names so that they can become the new order of the phoenix. BUT since Dumbledore is dead and the phoenix flew away ...

It will now be called "The Order of the Not So Evil Unicorn!"

And then I know I'll fit in because I totally love unicorns! I mean if I were to have a patronus ... um UNICORN! It would be just like Harry's stag except without the antlers and just one horn ... plus it would look more like a horse.

Kinda like this ...

Except there's be more wisps flying out it's arse cuz that's where all the light would shine from. (Duh!) It would kinda be like the patronus that runs backwards. And the dementors wouldn't know whether to run away because of all the bright shiny light or due to the fact that the bright shiny light would be coming out of the arse of a unicorn.

What really remains to be seen is whether or not that bright shiny light comes in a rainbow of colors ...

Needless to say, J.K. Rowling needs to stop writing adult books and get back to HP so that I can appear in the next movie with my Unicorn Patronus. The future of Hogwarts totally depends on me!

Perhaps we should gather a petition?

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HarryPotter Lover4Ever said...

Okay, My Patronus is an Unicorn ,too ! And I totally agree, J. K. Rowling NEEDS to write more H.P. Books. I love the Idea of Draco being bitten by Voldemort and the training of Albus , James , and Lily potter. The New Order should be called The Order of The Mystical Unicorn. I'm 12 years old and just recently finished the H.P. Series. I cried when I realized it was over.