Jun 18, 2010

Contests...My unlucky Misfortune...Kinda

There have been a LOAD of contests out there lately. And by load I mean like 534!!! (or something like that)

And like half of them are giving away super fantastic ARCs like Paranormalcy and Linger (and um...it wouldn't hurt for someone to give away Mockingjay. Just Saying....oh and I'm totally cool if someone wants to talk to Becca about throwing a contest out there for Crescendo too!) Anyways...

I keep losing. Every time. (Okay, except for the contest where I won a query and synopsis critique from Suzie Townsend...which may or may not be a tiny bit better than an ARC. It's a big toss up!)

So I've decided something must happen to up my luck. Apparently all my gnomes aren't cutting the mustard!

Maybe I just haven't found that "Lucky" Gnome yet....you know..."The One"...sigh...

So what shall I do in the meantime?

Rabbit's Foot? Yeah that's kinda gross...just saying...

Horse Shoe? Yeah I hung one of those up in the first house I bought...then I lost the house. I'm not a big fan of Horse Shoes.

Lady bug? Well I have quite a few of those crawling around on the windows...so far...still no ARC.

Rainbow? Still trying to find one of those...I think it's hiding next to the ponies...or possibly behind the butterflies.

Falling Star? Dang it!!! All the freaking contests happen during the day. That's not going to happen!

Sigh. I'm not sure I want to go using up my 'Deal with The Universe' on an ARC ... as I'm saving that for something a little more exciting (Possibly an Agent??? Deal w/ Universe may or may not be on the roster for next weeks blog posts)

So what's a girl in need of some killer ARCs to do???


Anonymous said...

OMG I'm not the only one who keeps LOSING these darn contests (and giveaways and and and those other things that end with prizes and balloons and OMG YAYS)!! *cries*

I vote that we rig the contests/giveaways/events by bribing the judges/raffleleers with gnomes and bunnies.

CMOM Productions said...

I never win... except for that 1 library giveaway for reading a ton of books but I think that was more work than luck... If I find something lucky, I'll let you know! :)

marymac said...

CUT THE MUSTARD, GNOMES!!! Why else would you HAVE a gnome except to cut some mustard?! lol
Hope you are well Poppins- miss you!