Jun 22, 2010

Of Epic Random Proportions

Once again I have accomplished a regularly scheduled blog post FAIL. That in my book makes me the master of awesome. I have yet to find anyone who can post as randomly as me.

So my dad bought me a lucky gnome. I'm too lazy t
o take a picture of it though. So you'll have to see it at another time.

I'm also to lazy to get up from my computer and fold laundry. Although it could include a really good House marathon...so it's still being considered.

And on another random note... ***Warning! This may come as a shock and may hurt people's feelings, but I'm totally ok with that!***... I started to reread Twilight last night cuz I need to make a trip to the library since I've read all my books.
Um yeah...I just couldn't get into it. The whole flipping time all I could hear was Kristen Stewar
ts voice narrating the whole dang thing. I dunno bout you, but I'm so not a fan of K Stew. She may or may not have ruined the series for me forever.

And on that note, Only 7 more days till my Eclipse Triple Feature!!!! YAY!!! (How's that for not only random but completely contradictory and hypocritical! WIN)

So I've gone into web design. That's right, I can now right basic HTML code AND totally understand what I'm doing. I rock!

I'd like to share one more random fact before I leave you ... I bought new flip flops. They have owls on the soles. I love Target! (Crap that's three random facts! But hey, bonus for you!)

So who has something random they'd like to share with me? Oh come on....don't hold back. Bring on your epic moment of randomosity!


Shannon O'Donnell said...

I am buried under my mountainous TBR pile. I may die there. :-)

Shannon Whitney Messenger said...

*snert* Loved the awesome, contradictory, randomness. You crack me up!

Also--hugely impressed that you can understand html. Sooooo not good with computers. Like, at all. :)

Tara McClendon said...

Love the flip flops at Target. Total randomness: I have three stretched out hairties decorating the door handle. My hair's too short to use them, but they've been there for at least six months. Just haven't taken the time to toss them out.

CMOM Productions said...

My randomness... I spent at least 30 minutes with my family in our basement bathroom shower last night. When a tornado is spotted near your home, you can all squeeze in and bond. Safety first. Oooh owls on flip flops are almost as cool as gnomes on slippers! Target <3!

Jessica Nelson said...

Well, I've def. missed your ability to make me smile. :-) Sorry to hear about Twilight. Not. Heehee!
Have a wonderful night and congrats on learning HTML. That's pretty awesome!

Ariel said...

AHHHH! I'm doing an Eclipse triple feature too! Can't wait! I like K-Stew, but I think she played Bella a little too seriously for me. I'm hoping she lightens up a little in this one. We shall see!

Oh, and I post pretty freaking randomly too. I should do something about that...

Nice to meet ya, btw. =)