Jun 10, 2010

So yeah, maybe I'm a little late...

OMG Not THAT kind of late!!! How dare you even suggest it!

No, I'm actually a bit late in posting this week. Duh!!!

But do not fear! I've had a brilliant week. I say brilliant because my brilliance has reached new levels. So amazing in fact, I've been asked to bottle it up and sell it on the black market.

Unfortunately the request came from a group of zombified gypsies, and what they really wanted was to distract me so they could feast on my brains...apparently when they said bottle up my brilliance they really meant my gray matter...and I was super disappointed when I found it out it had nothing to do with my intelligence.

Well, I used my swift ninja moves and took them down, keeping my brilliance in tact as well as my precious dignity. It's all good though, I totally didn't want to share my brilliance anyways!

I mean why would I want to take away from my wicked creativity and mad editing skillz?

So I've spent the week working on a MAJOR rewrite(as in, hey....why not just cut out a few characters, redo one of the major plot lines, and maybe make a small character a huge part of the book? What? That involves ripping out scenes and creating new ones? Well doesn't that just sound like a basket full of puppies!)

The outcome ... spectacularsauce! (eat that awesomesauce!!!)

And just so I didn't look like a boring old writer, I decided to learn how to code some HTML on the side. Just a little "hobby" of mine. I mean who doesn't want to dive into the depths of p tags and style sheets!?!?

Aren't you jealous? What have you been doing this week?


Natalie said...

I AM jealous. I haven't accomplished much in months, so you are pretty much my hero. :)

Marybeth Poppins said...

OMG I love being a hero!!! Do I get a cape????

Scott said...

I think once you used the words 'zombified gypsies' in your post, all dignity was lost. I'm just saying . . . Ha!

I made Chapter 8, Chapter 1 this week . . . and eliminated 20,000 words in the process. Crap! Okay, all is not lost since some of the stuff in the first seven chapters will be reworked after my stunning, beyond amazing new Chapter 1!


Rebecca said...

Did Mr. Gossett teach you nothing girlfriend...it's anyway not anyways!

PS you crack me up!

CMOM Productions said...

Way to be MB!