Jun 14, 2010

What my kids and The Hunger Games have in common...and a super cool announcement!

Do you have kids? Have you ever been around kids? (More than one...one doesn't have the same effect.) Well if you have, you KNOW how loud they can be. And when you are trying to finish up your super awesome Epic Edit, loud = BAD!

Yesterday was made of lot's of loud. So in attempt to get a break from all this loud I decided to send the monsters outside.


We have a wonderful new fenced in backyard that I entirely adore with every little speck of my "Oh my god I'm a mother in need of silence, let's lock the kids outdoors" being. (Not that I actually lock them out, but I may or may not have considered it at one time or another.)

So I'm all, "Hey kids, you should go play outside!"

Kids, "YAY!! Mom is great! She is the most fabulous mom made of spectacularsauce EVER." (I may or may not have added some (or at least 13) of those words myself.)

They go outside and I crack open my window so I can hear them and keep an eye on them. And I kid you not, it was like I'd been placed in front of my TV in District Nine and I was watching The Hunger Games Yo!

My deck was the Cornucopia and my kids were all fighting over which weapons (and when I say weapons I mean walking sticks, pop can cases, and dodge balls) they were going to get and beating each other off to get what they wanted first. I could almost picture my little Bean (my daughter) as Katniss diving for her bow and arrows. (AKA Nerf Darts)

So I yell out the window to them. "Put that stick away." and "Stop hitting your brother with that box!"

But the games continue. They race around the yard like 3 little starving tributes fighting over who will be the first to leave the island. (Oh wait...that's Survivor isn't it...well, same difference) I just shake my head in defeat. There is no getting rid of loud for me.

"Mom, I'm hungry," my youngest calls out.

I consider tossing a few packs of fruit snacks out there. Kinda like my 'peace offering', but then I picture all The Hunger Games tributes killing each other over a loaf of bread and decide maybe that's not a good idea.

So I yell out to him, "I think there are some wild mushrooms in the yard. Maybe you can shoot that squirrel over there? But you're totally on your own kid!"

Some or all of this story may or may not be made of complete facts. But that does not disparage the fact that it FELT like it happened like this...

In other news. If you are a KidLit writer (a writer of a book with an MC 18 or younger) you MUST check out this Epic News!!!!

These girls have just announced a FREE online conference they have put together. Check out the website and all their blogs. They are giving away TONS of prizes. I like prizes.


Kelly Lyman said...

Oh, I feel your pain. This is my day today, so far. I can't do anything and I can't leave my two boys in the room alone for one minute...plus, it was raining all day yesterday, so everything is wet, wet, wet!!! Would I be a bad mom if I just turn the TV on and leave?

Christine Danek said...

I hear ya. My kids don't stop for a minute. I try and concentrate and my daughter keeps interrupting me with the word "Mom..." I keep daying to myself am I her mother? Maybe if I ignore her she will go away. That only makes her voice louder.
Good luck!

T. Anne said...

Ha! I'm reading Catching Fire right now and yeah, I totally get it. My 1K monthly grocery bill makes it feel like I am hosting my own hunger games.