Jul 2, 2010

Breaking out the Boxing Gloves to earn Rewards Points

I bought a computer (for the first time in 6 yrs) and it's pretty! BUT I don't get it till Tuesday. Boooooooooo!

So here's the thing about thing about making large purchases...

Large Purchase + Paid by Debit Card = Massive Rewards Points

And here's the thing about my husband and I making large purchases, we have separate debit cards with separate Rewards Points accounts.

So every time we make these large purchases we look like a couple monkey's fighting over a banana as we fight over WHO is going to get the rewards points.


Mr. and Mrs. Poppins stand in the grocery line. The groceries are in their sacks, coupons are scanned.

Mrs. Poppins: Oh honey, I'll pay for that.

Mr. Poppins: Oh no, let me pay for it. I insist!

(Have I mentioned that the money comes from the same account?)

Mrs. Poppins: No really, I want to pay for it.

Mr. Poppins: Don't worry about it. I got it.

Mrs. Poppins: But you paid for the groceries last time.

Mr. Poppins: But you paid the electric bill.

Mrs. Poppins: You need to step away from the card swipey thingy now.

Cashier: Um, there is a pretty long line behind you...are you going to pay?

Mr. Poppins and Mrs. Poppins make a mad dash for their debit cards. Mr. Poppins makes it through the card reader before Mrs. Poppins can even pull it out of her disorganized purse.

Mrs. Poppins: *growl*

Mr. Poppins smiles as though he has just won the lottery.

So this is kinda how it went this morning while making our online purchase. And guess who won the battle? Mr. Poppins already had his card out and waiting before I even had our address in.


*waves fist at Rewards Points gods*

*contemplates a way she can pay rent with debit card*

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