Jul 29, 2010

We interupt this blog break fo an important question!

Ahh summer... Heatstroke, lemonade, sprinklers, bathing suits, beaches, bikes...

Bikes...sigh...the downfall of my existence right now.

Since we moved, the little ones now have a place to play and sidewalks to explore. Thus, this summer, they have learned to ride their bikes without the training wheels (sans five-yr-old). And so what do they want to do ALL day and ALL night?

You guessed it, ride their bikes.

Now I'm all for them getting the exercise and such. But riding their bikes means being out front. And paranoid mom in me says they shouldn't be out front unless I'm out there to watch them. Sure I can see them and hear them from the window, BUT not all the time. I mean they aren't going to just ride two feet and turn around.

So alas, what's a paranoid mommy to do????

At what age did you finally let go and let your little ones outside without your 100% supervision? Mine are 5, 7, and 9 and I just can't do it. I just can't stand the thought of them being out there alone.

Am I in need of a good slapping? Or are there others who share my pain?


Tawnya said...

When I grew up things were different. I grew up in Florida, so it was bike riding weather almost all year long. I learned about 6 I guess. My mom let me ride my bike without her, but that was back then. Now a days I can not blame you one bit!!! If you know your neighbors and there are others out, I might say yes, but the mom in me screams no!!

Mama Bear said...

My boys are 5, 7 and 9. I'm just as worried as you so my kids are not allowed out front unless I can be out there with them. A part of me feels bad since they can enjoy their bikes as much, but all I need is to hear one story where a kid was hit by a car, or worse yet kidnapped and I am over the guilt. I know others may think I'm over protective and the odds of that happening are low, but if you ask a mom who lost their kid, I'm sure they would do anything to change that.

Now Dad on the other hand doesn't agree, he thinks I'm over protective, but so be it.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

I let my 8 yo ride without my constant supervision, but he usually has 13 yo big brother nearby. Before this year, though - no way. And I still won't let my 6 yo ride without me watching. :-)

Glynis said...

Set up a chair,grab a book and a long cool drink and sit in the front. You watch your babies, it is the right thing to do.

If you don't you will nag and become stressed. There is time later for them to be 'mum free' and it comes about gradually. I know I have 3 adult children, so been where you are now. :)

Tara said...

I just plucked this out of thin air, so II'm not sure it will make much sense. Let them go! Give them boundaries (stay between X driveway and X fire hydrant) and let them ride! Check back in a few minutes and go on about what you're doing in the house. And also, consider reading a favorite blog of mine freerangekids.wordpress.com