Jul 23, 2010

Priorities...or my lack thereof...

I have this really awesomefantasticspectacularwicked book started ... and I can't seem to concentrate longer than 1 hour a day on it.

In three words: NOT GOOD ENOUGH (that's me yelling at myself not you.)

So I'm considering dropping of the face of the planet (aka internet) until I have finished. Obviously I can't do that entirely, because obviously I have obligations with my new website (which holy $h!t got 100 visits yesterday *passes out*) but I think I may need to take a small break from my casual/recreational internet follies. (I know I know...I cried too!)

It's all about priorities, and I know this book is important to me and I know it needs to get finished. I also know it's not going to happen when I'm glued to twitter/facebook/blogger/google analytics (what? like you don't check your stats ever!) all day.

So alas, I bid adieu until at LEAST August 10th. (I am SO returning for WriteOnCon yo!)  If you need me, shoot me an email. And don't forget to tell everyone you know about www.askabipolar.com while I'm away!!!

How do I help my bipolar son transition into adult hood? (Click Here)


Mama Bear said...

Ok, stop reading my comments and get to work girl!!!

Natalie said...

Breaks are great, especially if you can use them to be productive. I hope your weeks away are just what you need.

Glynis said...

Go for it. I shut off for a few days and finished my novel yesterday. I recommend a break ;0