Jul 20, 2010

Just a wee bit over extended...

I can't help it...I'm one of those people who feels the unattainable need to save the world. The need runs deep and takes over all my sense, although the rational part of me says this is impossible.

So if I've been missing...it's because I'm trying to make the impossible possible. Most of my energy has been eaten up by my new blog (Ask a Bipolar), my new book (Taming the Crazies) and my work at home job as well as trying to keep my monsters caged up children entertained.

This is the life of a writer dear friends....and I will do my best to keep up with this blog, but I may just be a bit sporadic until things calm down.

In  AWESOME news...the new website has taken off in unimaginable ways. We got more traffic in the first five days than I got on this blog in the first 5 months. For all of you who have posted links and retweeted showing your support, you are my heroes!

Thank you so much!!!

Do you or anyone you know have questions about Bipolar Disorder. Visit www.askabipolar.com and get those questions answered by someone who's been there!


Mama Bear said...

I'm so happy the site is a success and I'm glad there's gals like you who want to save the world, we NEED you!!

Mindy said...

congrats on your site doing so well!!!