Jul 14, 2010

Getting a Little Personal...An Announcement (or two)

I mean who wouldn't want to know a little personal bit about me? I am pretty awesome and all!

So here it goes *takes a deep breath*

Back in February I wrote a post called A Question of Intense Interest where I came out of the Bipolar Closet, so to speak. Then I questioned how others (as apparently some agents do) have an interest in books about children and teens with a mental illness. The responses I got were so very encouraging.

So for the past six months I have spent much time soul searching and researching. (Imagine me on the top of a big fat hill sitting with my legs crossed, hands together and repeating "Ohm" over and over again...I mean that's not really how it went. But wasn't the mental picture fun!)

About a month ago the idea finally hit me. (It didn't slap me in the face or anything...that would be mean. It was more like a poke on the shoulder.) I began researching harder. Reading all the books about juvenile and adolescent bipolar disorder, joining blogs, joining support groups, reading through forums...it has been amazing. Not only has it been very beneficial in finding support and answers to deal with both my son and I, but after meeting some new people and and searching my heart I knew what the next move would be.

Thus announcement number one:

I've placed my current novel on the back burner (for now) and started a new, and insanely exciting to write, novel.

Taming the Crazies

Annabelle Jones is struggling through her teenage years riding the coat tails of her bipolar brother while also coping with her bipolar mother. Though a break up with her boyfriend starts the ball rolling, one bad choice (or three) from her brother could possibly ruin her life forever. As it is in her nature, she takes it upon her self to right his wrongs (as some bipolar siblings tend to do) and make sure both his life and hers get back on track. The problem is, she's pretty sick of his crap. She has to decide to suffer the consequences his actions have had on her and just move on, or continue to clean up his messes in order to get her life back.

It's a story about the impact having bipolar has on our friends and family told from a very raw and real perspective...and I am in love with it! Not only am I writing YA Fiction, but I'm also writing about something I am passionate about. Something to help others feel they are not alone in these situations.

But for some reason, knowing that although the potential is there, I have no idea if I will ever get this story published, thus I felt I needed to do more! (I'm Catholic...it's a guilt thing...it makes me a really good Catholic...or something like that)

Thus announcement number two!

With the help of an amazing girl, who also struggles with this illness, I have started a new blog/website targeted to anyone who struggles with OR knows someone who struggles with bipolar disorder.

Ask a Bipolar
is a place where people can come and ask real questions to people who have dealt with these issues. We can cover topics in all areas as I have a child with bipolar, she is a teen with bipolar and I am an adult with this illness. They are in no way professional answers or opinions, BUT sometimes I think people just want to hear it from someone who REALLY gets it. At least I know I do.

Visit the site. Let me know what you think! Feel free to share the link with everyone you know. I'd love for it to be a success!!!

Ok enough of my shameless self promotion. Back to writing (apparently people have threatened to hurt me if I don't give them new chapters...I have mean friends...)


Mama Bear said...

Wow! So much good stuff, you're on a roll....

I hope your book gets published, I would love to read it someday and I'm so thankful for your new website, I plan on using it as a tool in raising my son. It's really a blessing to have someone open up and share what's real for those of us trying to figure it all out.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Wow, your books sounds great. I like to see YA novels deal with various realistic issues like that. Good for you!

Natalie said...

Very, very cool Marybeth. I would definitely read that book--it sounds fascinating. Good luck with the writing. I hope this is THE ONE for you. :)