Jun 30, 2010

Love Letter Blog Fest

Ok I'm not gonna lie...it's kinda hard to write about anything other than Team Jacob/Team Edward (Though I am more of a Switzerland on the subject) after sitting through a 7 hour Twilight Triple Feature (that TOTALLY rocked my socks off) but I signed up for the Love Letter Blog Fest (Frankie always has the best ideas!) and Dernit I'm gonna follow through...

Besides after witnessing the great Edward Nipple FAIL once again, I need to focus my mind on something else...

But who to choose? I mean there's Gale (I'm sorry, but Peeta just isn't manly enough for me) and then there's Cabel from the Wake Trilogy, but seriously...and as much as I'm a tiny bit over done on the whole Edward thing...I can't remember falling in love with a character like I did him. (Minus the one's in my own books...sigh...)

ALTHOUGH...there's always Mr. Darcy... *swoons*

Yep...I think I've found my match. Time to write him about it...

Dear Mr. Darcy,

I'm not sure if you know this or not, but um, we're kinda in love. I say we because I know the moment you meet me you'll ditch Elizabeth. I'm pretty confident it will be my vast collection of Gnomes that will finally win you over.

That being said, please never stop brooding. I don't think my heart could take it if you didn't stand in a corner and say nothing while staring at me in the most stalker-like way possible. Edward Cullen's angst can't hold a candle to your sullen nature!

Just thinking about your intense stare places me in need of a cold shower.

So until we meet at last, I am yours forever,



Christine Danek said...

This was perfect. My love letter is just ...well...kind of dumb. You love letter is awesome. Nicely done!

Kelly Lyman said...

This is great! I totally agree with the whole brooding thing- I think that's one of his best qualities. I like brooding guys for some reason!

Annie McElfresh said...

Ohhh Mr. Darcy! Me hearts him!