Aug 20, 2009

Is it Irony or Defiance?

Here I sit ... at my lovely computer desk ... cuddling my 4 year old who is refusing to descend from my lap ... all while staring at this big red book in front of me and trying to decide what my husband's motivation behind reading this book is.

See I have been trying to get my husband to read the Harry Potter series and/or Twilight with no avail. He's seen the movies but that is about as far as he will go. (Ugh...elbow in the rib! Seriously child! Must readjust...) He absolutely refuses to read my "rubbish", although he will admit he likes the movies. And why wouldn't he, they are great movies (Ok so Twilight has some pretty horrible acting and was possibly a little too low budget, but it's a great movie dern it!)

I'll tell him, "Well if you like the movies you should read the books because they are SOOOO much better!"

He ignores me.

So as I sit here and stare at the Harry Potter wanna be book Eldest (the sequel to Eragon) I can't help but wonder WHY he has decided this book is worthy of his reading and the others are not. I mean seriously. Eragon! That movie wasn't even that good!

He says he thought it was....blah...what does he know.

So you tell me, is this situation merely ironic? Or is he just passive aggressively being insanely defiant?

(Well of course I could just ask him...but what fun would that be. Plus he'd just up and say "Neither" cuz he's just blah like that. I think WE can come up with a much better answer here! And considering WE came up with it, it will most definitely be the truth!)

Hey you with your big sword! Having a wand is WAY cooler!


Carnimire said...

Defiance, I say.

My hubby is the same - he'll watch the Harry Potter movies which in my opinion are pretty ugh, but will not condescend to read any of the books however much I praise them.

But he will pick up insanely bad books despite, or perhaps because, my telling him they are not worth wasting his time on.

Jessica said...

LOL Maybe he truly likes it better? But you know your hubby, so good luck guessing! :-)

Marybeth Poppins said...

Carnimire - I agree with the defiance thing....Ok so MAYBE he does prefer the Lord of the Rings to Harry Potter and MAYBE Eragon is a TINY bit more similar to Lord of the Rings....but what does he know when it comes to good reading!!!

Jessica...with that said I Suppose it might be cuz he likes it...but that's way too simple so that Can't be the reason! LOL

Jeannie Campbell, LMFT said...

i think subconsciously he's trying to get your goat....and it's working! :)

Eileen Astels Watson said...

I wonder if they start off to slowly for him. I've heard that of both those series for non-fans. They just won't give it enough time to grab them. Whatever the reason, I say keep trying!

T. Anne said...

LOl at the passive aggressive moves of your husband. (or supposed ones I should say) I give him kudos for reading ANY book as opposed to my own DH.

Billy Coffey said...

Husbands are experts at passive agressive. Not that I would know anything about that...

Jody Hedlund said...

Maybe it's a guy thing. My oldest son loves Eragon and has read Eldest too. He can't wait for Eldest to be made into a movie. It was like a Lord of the Rings remake IMHO. But at least he's reading, right? :)

Heart2Heart said...


I just think its the style of writing behind books like Twilight and Harry Potter. My hubby would not pick up Twilight books no matter how much I tried to convince him he would like them.

He has read some of the Potter series ones and Eragon as well. I guess it just tells us that each person has their own taste in literary works which is why there is such a selection of books to chose from.

Not everyone loves what someone else does. It also encourages us future published writers that not every publishing company or agent will find our written words to their liking, we just need to keep on looking.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

{Kimber} said...

to be honest I've never read HP or seen the movies...I digress

Twilight however...that is another story all together
My Hubs will not do it or watch it {men!}

Marybeth Poppins said...

Well ... maybe if I keep hounding him....some day (though I'm not about to hold my breath!!!)

And T.Anne he is a Big reader...almost as bad as me (or possibly worse!)

Glynis said...

If it is a movie, DH will have seen it. If it is a book, I will have read it. If it is a case of doing both, I will be the only one of the two of us to do so. DH, cannot be encouraged to read the book beforehand.

Tara said...

My hubby hates to read, but he likes to listen, so our compromise is that he lets me read him my favorite books. (Plus, he really wanted to know why I was drooling over Edward.) I wonder if maybe your husband relates better to the MC. Twilight targets tween girls and women, and HP goes for young tween. Maybe he just relates better to an older, male character.