Aug 27, 2009

Who likes to Clean anyway?!

Staring at my vacuum this morning -the vacuum that has been sitting outside my closet for the past two days - has inspired this blog post. Thank you vacuum, for always being a source of unwelcome work!

Top 10 LEAST Favorite Chores (and why!)

10. Sweeping the Kitchen Floor - There is no doubt that only moments (as in possibly 3 seconds) after the floor has been swept the children will inevitably find a way to put crumbs - and not just one crumb...we're talking about 1/2 a meals worth here - on the very same floor

9. Unclogging the Toilet - No explanation needed here folks!

8. Making the Bed - I'm not sure who made up the rule that beds need to be made. I'm going to unmake it again with in 8 hours. Why waste my time!

7. The dishes - dish soap hands...ick! But luckily this lovely chore has been taken over by my two children and a dishwasher :)

6. Wiping down the stove. It seriously never comes clean. I can get it all pretty and sparkly and then I look at it again and there's another spot of something over there in the corner. And ugh to those silver whatchoomacallits underneath the burners (brains not functioning this early to remember their names) Cuz it's impossible to keep them clean. IMPOSSIBLE

5. Getting the kids to clean their rooms. Yes this IS a chore. If you walked into my house while this was taking place you'd think I was beating them with all the crying and screaming (mine of course) And seriously...there's only 6 cars left on the floor. Why can't you just put them away with out trying to say your "Too Tired" by this point???

4. Cleaning the bathroom - Three words for ya here Boys. Can't. Aim!

3. Ironing - I don't do it well. For some reason every time I get a new wrinkle out, I've managed to somehow put a new wrinkle in. Not to mention every time I attempt to "mist" my clothing for a nice bout of steam I end up with a huge puddle. What's up with that?

2. Folding the Laundry. 5 Family Members equals Mountains about Mountains of laundry. And it never ends. It's like the 5 million clowns piling out of one car. Except it's more like 5 million socks coming out of one dryer!

And the number One LEAST Favorite Chore IS

1. Vacuuming. See that little picture up there? See that stupid long cord just siting next to the annoying little contraption? I hate that cord! It gets in the way, I trip over it, I vacuum over it, its not long enough, its too long! And I despise having to wind it up when I'm done. As if the whole act of vacuuming wasn't irritating enough, I have to go put more work into just putting the dang thing away. (Bitter? No I'm not bitter? Why would you say that?!)

I considered counteracting with a Top 10 List of Chores I enjoy doing but I only came up with two. Rearranging furniture and occasionally I enjoy dusting.

What is your LEAST favorite chore?


Anonymous said...

I can so relate to your list - I hate housework too!

I have yet to figure out how the generations before me managed it without all the gadgets and gizmos we have now to get things done!

I agree with most of the things on your list except my no.1 hate is IRONING - yes, I am shouting, I really hate it that much!

I like vacuuming tho' - maybe that's because it's a funny word that has no right to be...

CKHB said...

IRONING! It's hot, it takes forever, and I'm no good at it.

Foursons said...

Cleaning bathrooms. I despise it!

Eileen Astels Watson said...

I don't like cleaning in general, but I can handle vaccuuming not too bad. It's scrubbing the carpets that gets me the worst, or changing sheets that are against a wall--hate doing that!

susiej said...

I can really get into a good scrubbing of the sink, I can clean the kitchen until it shines, but I HATE vacumming because I'll be all into it-pushing furniture out of the way right and left like a linbacker and then...pft, the dang cord is too short or even worse I pull it out of the wall and all power (mental and electric) fails.

Sarah Wood said...

Hmmm...I would have to say dusting. Always makes me sneeze and I really don't like the smell of Pledge and the little film it leaves behind. I would also have to agree with making the bed, but for me, the only thing worse than making the bed is having to put clean sheets on the bed (and even worse on a crib because they fit so tight!).

T. Anne said...

I own the royal royce of vacuum's, I still hate it and it's heft and it's long cord. Recently I bough the cheap sharp cordless vac from costco and it works fine and doesn't make me miserable. it's light as a feather, check this one out. I promise you won't hate the chore as much ever again.

Heart2Heart said...


I would have to say cleaning showers and bathtubs. As we get older it is so hard to do that and get up afterwards without uttering some kind of foreign word that doesn't even sound like a real word.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Jill Kemerer said...

Okay, my vacuum is on my last nerve. Last week, I burned up the belt, which meant purchasing a new belt--no, I couldn't remember if the antique is self-propelled or not so I had to buy two different belts--taking the vacuum apart (cough! cough! Dust!), and being confronted with a mountain of creepy dust clumps. By the time I'd gotten the thing put back together, it was all I could do not to take a nap, but no, I still had to vacuum.
I feel your pain.

ElanaJ said...

I don't mind cleaning--except for bathrooms. I make my son vacuum now, I make the bed, and only fold laundry after most of it has been worn and redirtied already. :)

Tara said...

I'd have to bump ironing for cleaning out the fridge--especially because my family stores things in non-clear containers. I do not want to open the lid--even if it might be the butter! Nope. If you think it's really the leftover chicken dish you want to serve, then you open it. And if it turns out be black goo that maybe once upon a time was the chicken dish, you toss it.

Marybeth Poppins said...

See...I'm seeing this vacuuming issue come up regularly! I knew I wasn't alone in despising that beast! :)

Jessica said...

Hmmm, I actually don't like to put away clothes. Blech. Thankfully the boys are learning how to put their own away! Woohoo! :-)

I don't get the bed thing either. I haven't made mine in days, and boy does it feel great. LOL

Hope you got your vacuuming done!

CMOM Productions said...

I hate cleaning the bathrooms and washing dishes by hand. I'm totally with you on the kitchen floor. If someone invented a "catch the crumbs" bucket I'd be thrilled, except they'd probably end up finding a way to miss that or dump it over. LOL Chores = Not Fun 99.9% of the time.

Katie Ganshert said...

No! This post just reminds me that Saturday I have to clean the dumpster that is my house. YUCK!!

Anonymous said...

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