Sep 18, 2009

Because I LOVE to read!

I've recently found myself confused. I THOUGHT I was a writer, but as of late I am better known as a reader! That's all I do. Read, read, read, read, read!

This is how my day goes..

I wake up. (Ok that was a given...)

Drive the family taxi to drop off most of my family members to an area where they can not bother me while I'm reading (AKA School and Work)

I come home (You saw that one coming too didn't you!)

I Blog (Because it IS necessary!)

I read

I feed the last lingering family member lunch, fix myself lunch....(ok ok...then I play Bejeweled while I eat lunch...but that's not important. It's like a daily action necessary to function...kinda like going to the bathroom!)

I put the lingering family member (AKA the youngest child) down for "Quiet Time"/nap time so that I can....get this....READ

I read until he wakes up and/or starts begging to get out of bed so he can go play, which ever comes last....

So then I force myself to pick up the house until I have to get back in the momobile and pick up my reading distractions (AKA the older children)

At this point I make them do their chores and homework while I do one of the three following clean (rare), play Bejeweled again (because remember, it's like going pee, it's necessary to function!) or well...I read

So then I pile everyone back into the Poppins Portal Device (AKA the Family Taxi and/or the Momobile) and pick up the last reading distraction....the husband

BUT I always leave early enough so that I can bring a book and read in the car while I'm waiting for him :)

Then I come home again (Again....kinda obvious)

I feed the slave drivers...cuz I guess that's my job....sigh

I attempt to pay attention to the family...I really do, but usually I'm thinking about the book I'm reading (Shhhhh don't tell them)

Then I put all my distractions to bed and the husband and I curl up in bed with our books and proceed to ignore each other with a good book until we fall asleep.

NOW if only I could put that much time and dedication into cleaning or writing I'd be quite accomplished...BUT right now, I'd rather read :)

(So um yes, if you need my address for the "Worst Mom/Wife of the Year" award you are planning on sending can be found on google...just type in "Mary Smith" and um....good luck with that!)

For a list of the books I've read in the last two months (which is quite impressive I might add) visit my Web Site

Also, don't forget to visit If You Give a Girl a Pen today!!!


Kristen Torres-Toro said...

Hi, Marybeth! I definitely go through seasons where it's like I can't stop reading. I read every day to some extent, but in these periods it's like I can't stop. So I understand!!! I think that we as writers need that because the stories really help us write--even if we aren't writing at the time.

Scott said...

Poppins, Poppins, Poppins . . . every writer is an avid reader. I go through the same type of phases where all I want to do is devour book after book, ignoring everything else - writing, life, the housework, everything . . . well, except margarita night. It happens. It's not a bad thing.

You'll write when you write . . . so quit worry, quit playing Bejeweled Blitz, and read, read, read! ; )


Marybeth Poppins said...

Did you just say "Quit playing Bejeweled?" No there is no need for that FOWL language on my blog page Scott. Just go have a margarita and calm down and come back when you can say something a little nicer :D


Tamara (TC) Staples said...

A fun post! I go through phases where I want to read every book I hear about or see. But, sometimes, I then become afraid that I can't hear my own voice in order to write. At this point, I usually switch to reading more nonfiction until I feel I can cycle back to fiction again. However, I always seem to be reading something.

Gotta Have Faith said...

You are actually becoming a better writer the more you read! Just say to yourself that you are researching other writers writing styles so you can become a better writer yourself! My wife Kat at heart 2 Heart is also an avid reader.
She joined this book reviewer site called I think it the name of it. I just joined as well. You might like it! You get to pick a new book to review for free, they send it you read it, review it, post your review on your blog and then you get to pick a new book. You should check it out.


Jill Kemerer said...

I have a Mom-mobile too! Isn't reading the best thing in the world? But please, throw that cleaning fantasy right out the window, woman!! Off to check your website...

ElanaJ said...

I read for fun, too. So when I'm feeling down/stuck/depressed or just tired, I read. It works great!

Foursons said...

I love reading too. However, right now my day is filled with reading blogs. I'm picking up a book this weekend though- definitely!

sherrinda said...

Ooooo, I love Bejeweled too! It is not easy to play without a mouse though. :)
I go through times where all I want to do is read. Then I go through times when all I want to do is watch movies! I think we all go through times where we need to do the things we love, plunging in obsessively. lol It's all good!

Anonymous said...

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lisa x

CMOM Productions said...

Reading is like breathing... I can't live without it. Now, if you get an audio book once in a while, you can do the laundry (and other annoying household chores) while listening to a great story! It's a beautiful thing! :)

CMOM Productions said...

Reading is like breathing... I can't live without it. Now, if you get an audio book once in a while, you can do the laundry (and other annoying household chores) while listening to a great story! It's a beautiful thing! :)

Anonymous said...

emm.. good style ))