Sep 24, 2009

La la la la la la la

I wrote about books, and I've written about TV ... So today I decided to write about music.

I adore music. The word adore doesn't even capture the feeling adequately. I am in love with music. (In teenage language that means "I heart music!") I dreamed of being a singer when I was little...and when I was big, but life got in the way of that dream. (and if we are talking about the brief dream of being a famous pianist, talent got in the way there!)

I've sang at graduations, weddings, funerals, karaoke bars (as the DJ nonetheless!), in choirs, in church ... needless to say, I love to sing.

Let's not sell the art of listening to music short though. I could spend all day listening to good music, though it is inevitable I will be singing along with it.

So I thought I'd list a few of my favorite artists to help you get a better (or possibly more confusing) look into who I am.

I love love love The Fray! Everything about them. They have been my favorite band for about three or so years. I just missed their concert recently and my husband had to listen to me grumble about it for about three days straight.

Favorite Song by them is Unsaid.

Other Bands that make me Happy are

Snow Patrol
Thirteen Senses
Jars of Clay

When trying to narrow down a singer ... the task is not as easy. I can name a list of singer that I love ...

KT Tunstall
Anna Nailik
Natasha Bedingfield
Matthew West
Gavin Rossdale

But if I HAD to name my favorite singer I'd probably have to go back to being 13 years old again and admit that I love love love Michael W. Smith. He totally inspired me to love music and in countless ways his songs and lyrics have gotten me through many a rough moment in life. And OMG have you heard his Christmas CDs! If you haven't ... I highly suggest it this holiday season. They are amazing. It is my life long goal to meet this man. I ALMOST got to once. He was signing his Worship II CD at a local book store, but of course I had to go and have a baby that day and be stuck in the hospital! Luckily my mom went and got me the autograph and CD....but it just wasn't the same.

So there you have it. This is Poppins defined by music.

Who is your favorite band/singer?


Foursons said...

I admire people who can sing. Me- I make a joyful noise and that's about it.

CMOM Productions said...

Music is the spice of life! I <3 music & singing too! I have too many favorite singers and songs to count.

Diane said...

So talented! I am so monotone and alto it's not funny... :O)

Kristen Torres-Toro said...

Hey, Marybeth!

I listen to a lot of country, so probably someone like Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, or Sugarland.

I really love music too. I'm naturally not fond of the stage, but I do enjoy performing.

I loved Steven Curtis Chapman back in the day. Still do, actually. He does a great concert too. And some of his songs never get old.

Have a great day!

Marybeth Poppins said...

Joyful Noises are good! like music? Noooo.....

Diane, I love being an alto! I'm not so sure about the monotone thing...but Altos are awesome!

Kristen, I like Country too...Carrie Underwood, Rascal Flatts...
I've been to a Steven Curtis Chapman concert back in the day. I remember it being really good! He played with Out of the Grey. I loved them!

Jessica M. said...

Tori Amos....she'll always be my girl crush. :)

Jamie said...

Blue October...hands down is my favorite group. I have seen them 8 times. I understood myself better through his lyrics. hope to see them again this November!

Mesina said...

I love to sing, unfortunately, my family does not love me singing. Hmm...

I listen to such a wide range of music it's tough, but lets just say my two favorite types of music are Heavy Metal (uh huh, yeah honest) and Jazzy Swing music. So, I LOVE Rammstein (♥) and I adore Frank Sinatra. Weird eh? I know. But come christmas time you won't hear nuffin but Dean Martin and Franky in my house, as I love classic christmas carols. x

Natalie said...

I used to be a singer too. I haven't done much since I had kids, but I still enjoy it. I love old Jazz music too. Ella Fitzgerald is one of my all time favorites.

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

I love music too! I listen to a lot of different things from 70s-80s hits, singer-songwriter songs, jazz, blues, and classical. I usually have music on in the house all day, thanks to Sirius on Dish Network!

Mystery Writing is Murder

Jessica said...

I really like the Fray too! I'm definitely a music person, but not a singer. Oh no. LOL
That's so cool that you sing though! What a great gift. :-)

Jessica said...

Oh, you should do a post on comparing singing to writing. YOu know, how much is talent and then what kind of work you put into it. Because when I think of singing I always just assume that the singer can sound beautiful all the time, but then, don't singers practice their notes and stuff? Curious... :-)

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