Oct 28, 2009

Calling in Sick

Dear Bloggers,

I will not be coming in to work today so there will not be a regularly scheduled snarktastically wonderful blog post.

Unfortunately I am

... feeling better but feeling too lazy to write.

... lacking ideas and/or full of too many to put into one post.

... too busy watching Playhouse Disney with my 4 year old

... more interested in laying in my bed all day.

... unable to concentrate on Bejeweled thus completely incapable of coming up with post ideas.

... um ... my dog ate it... wait ... I don't have a dog.

So you will have to wait until tomorrow to enjoy my awesomeness.



In the mean time I am going to need you to leave a million comments about your best excuses for calling in sick to work. It is apparent that mine are pretty lame so I'm gonna need your help coming up with a better one.


Jessica M. said...

I have no excuses to get out of work. But can being called "ugly" and a "witch" and being told I have an "ugly face when you're angry" be a good enough excuse?

I can see it now...

ME: I'm sorry boss, but I'm having an ugly faced witch day. I can't come into work and be forced to entertain people today.

BOSS: No problem. Maybe you should see a doctor. I hear they have great medication to take care of ugly faced witches nowadays.

ME: Does it come with chocolate? Cuz I need me some of that!!


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Enjoy that Playhouse Disney! Those are the BEST shows.

Hope you don't end up with the oink-oinks. We have it at our house and it's the devil to shake!

Mystery Writing is Murder

Jessica said...

Hope you feel better. :-)
Can you teach me the art of laying in bed all day? My body desperately needs to learn this... LOL!

Alexia said...

With all the hype about Swine Flu these days...it's easy to call into work! One mention of even the possibility of having it and you get 10 days off scott-free! :)

Confessions Of A Working Mom said...

What a beautiful blog you have! Love the layout, the colors, the idea!

Hope you don't mind if I follow along: feel free to drop my my world if you've got the time!


Jill Kemerer said...

Take the day off and enjoy!

CMOM Productions said...

My boys & I have a little joke that starts with "I forgot to put my brain in today." My youngest loves to say he lost his and therefore cannot follow instructions. Maybe you have temporarily misplaced yours as well. I mean, that would explain not being able to think up something fantabulous. ;) When you find it, you must find the key to lock it back inside of your head. It's the only way it will stay put.

Get some rest & feel better MB!

melane said...

Hope you feel better. Everyone in my house is sick with a cold now, so we're very cranky.