Oct 6, 2009

The Enchanted Closet ... in my mothers bedroom

I asked last Thursday if there were any stories or things about me you'd like to hear.

Tabitha Bird said...

What about... "What was you wildest dream as a child that you actually tried to make come true?" any flying off roof tops or trying to ride the family dog like a horse? Or is that just me...

Well as we learned yesterday, I didn't have a dog to ride as a horse, so that was totally just you Tabitha! LOL

This did remind me of a crazy story though...

I wouldn't say it was in my "wildest dreams" to find the magical passage way located in my mother's closet which led to the basement . However, I couldn't help but think it would be the coolest thing in the world at the ripe old age of six.

During a frustrating game of hide and seek with my brother and sister I insisted I KNOW how they got downstairs so quickly without me knowing. That is when they told me about the magical passage way!

Magic ... in my own house ... right under my nose! How could I not have known about this sooner? Imagine all the possibilities!
And the smile on my brother and sister's faces ... it was obvious they had been waiting until this very moment to tell me. I was finally ready to be let in on their secret. I was worthy.

I ran to my mothers closet and pushed through all the clothing. I threw aside the old shoe boxes and ignored any Christmas presents that may have been hiding. Christmas presents were nothing compared to this awesome secret.

I slammed on the wall, pushed on the wall, jumped on the floor, tried the other walls, I s
earched and I searched - for almost an entire hour - for this mystical portal I knew HAD to exist. Had they forgotten to give me the fairy dust?

Now here is the think about being six when your brother is thirteen and your sister is eleven ... they don't want to play hide and seek with you. A six year old will remain completely oblivious to this fact because, um hello, who wouldn't want to play hide and seek!

So my hour spent searching for the magical mystical portal leading to the dark and dreary basement ... was the best pestering sisterless hour of my sister and brothers entire week!

I think my sister and brother suck. Just saying .....

Do you have older siblings? What was the craziest thing they ever convinced you to do? Or are you the older sibling who sent your baby brother plummeting off the top bunk after you convinced him he was a super hero?

If you haven't had a chance to request your story about my childhood visit THIS post! Leave a comment and I'll quench your thirst for knowledge!


Brian said...

you will never get over this...I swear!

Natalie said...

My brother called me by a different name all day one day. He tried to convince me that we lived on some alternate planet. It was actually kind of upsetting.

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Oh my word....this is hilarious! they were obviously geniuses, though.

I was the wicked older sister. I told my sister she was invisible and she went to church informing everyone they couldn't see her. It was really very funny... :)

Mystery Writing is Murder

Heart2Heart said...

I did manage to convince my brother to try eating Doggie Donuts and Gaines Burgers for dogs, just to see how they tasted! He loved the Doggie Donuts but said the Gaines Burger patty despite how playdoh like it felt, tasted nasty.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Eileen Astels Watson said...

That is too like a believing six year old. I love it.

I do have older sisters but I can't remember them trying to avoid me. Hmmm, wonder what all I missed. LOL

Jessica said...

Well, actually, I'm the oldest sister. LOL I convinced my sister to give me her dime and I'd give her two pennies. It was more, right? Heeheee.

I remember those childhood longings. I always wished I could find a secret passageway.

Jessica said...

I meant to tell you....adorable pic!

Foursons said...

Wow- that was creative of them!

My older sister used to cheat at games 'cause I was to little to know better. I mean really- how fun could that have been for her?

CMOM Productions said...

I was the 2nd born, older brother, with 2 younger siblings. We never played pranks on them... never... I swear. Okay. Fine. I lied. We did. *smirk* They deserved it. ;)