Oct 21, 2009

What if He was a She? or She was a He?

While lying in bed last night ... (ok I totally just wrote 'I was lying in bed last night' and then deleted it because it was too passive....am I a writer or what!!) ... so while lying in bed last night I was thinking about all my writer friends (it's not what you think, I promise!) and all the blogs I read and thought it was funny how there are two Natalie's.

Then I proceeded to think about how I love the name Natalie, so much in fact that if my son would have been a she instead of a he I would have named him Natalie.

Then I thought about my other two kids and remembered what their names would have been had they been born the opposite sex.

So here is a run down of my kids names had they been born ... well not as the ultrasounds had promised!

Logan would have been Natalie

Preston would have been Annabelle

Mikayla would have been Ethan

Sometime I get sad that I didn't get to use the other names, but at the same time I don't feel like I could have used them on any other children. Am I a strange carrot or what!?!!?

So you tell me, did your children have alternative names? Did YOU have an alternative name?

Oh and Happy Birthday to my little Preston (almost Annabelle) who turns 7 today!!!!


Stephanie Beck said...

My eldest, Grace, would have been Ethan.
My youngest, Joy, would have been Mac.
I think it's funny how we don't use our backup names for our next babies. It's crazy how just a few years can change our preferences. I would never go with Ethan now, but 5 years ago, loved it. I love MaryBeth's Blog!

Eileen Astels Watson said...

Happy Birthday, Preston!

We had two boy names, but got three girls, so neither got used anyway! Brock and Caleb.

CKHB said...

I would have been Andrew, and my daughter would have been John.

Jessica M. said...

My mom had only my name picked out, because she was convinced beyond a doubt that I was going to be a girl. If I'd come out as a boy, I don't know what she would have done. Jessie maybe? ( not for me!)

My sister, on the other hand, was "supposed" to be a boy. Or at least my mom was convinced she was having a boy because her pregnancy with my sis was SO different. My sister was supposed to be Steven Allen. Guess mom had to think quick about what to name her instead!! lol

susiej said...

We were disconcerted when our 2nd baby turned out to be a boy. We had plenty of girl names picked out, but hubby and I could NOT agree on a boy name. The only one we did both like, his mom HATED and told us so, often.

But that's what he's named-Duncan. It fits him perfectly. He's the only one we know and most important, he likes it. Mother in law has gotten over it too.

As for our first child, sweet Emily, was going to be Sara Katherine, but during my pregnancy my father-in-law married his massuese whose name was Catherine. We decided to choose another name. I chose both Emily and Sara from The Little Princess.

My Emily looks EXACTLY like the illustration of Sara's special doll in my gorgeously illustrated old copy of TLP. We always wonder how she got that color hair as all the rest of us are such dark brunettes while she is golden brown.

Natalie said...

Ah yes, Natalie is a very good name...

My son would have been Susan or Mary. I don't think I had boy names for either of my girls. My mom told me I would have been Luke (it was 1980--at the height of Star Wars mania).

Marybeth Poppins said...

Look at me...I finally have time to comment back! YAY!!

Stephanie...Ethan must have been a really popular name. I was dead set on it for my daughter, but it lost all appeal for my son.


Eileen, I love the name Brock, but a coworker had a son with that name, so I had to count it out. I'm weird like that.

CkHB or should I call you Andrew..LOL I wish I knew what my name was suppose to be.

Awe Jess, you would have made a great Steven Allen. If I start calling you Steve at random intervals when we go visit Tree...don't be surprised!

Susie I would have been devastated if the ultrasound was wrong! We had a really hard time with boy names too. For some reason, it's easier to pick girl names! They are just prettier! LOL

Natalie! I love your name! Actually after I had a boy a co worker of mine asked me if I minded if she named her daughter Natalie since I hadn't used the name. I was happy the name got used! (One of my supporting characters is a Natalie!)

Foursons said...

Oh my gosh- that foot on the cheek is so funny!

And my 7 year old was supposed to be a girl according to the sonograms. (Idiots) His name was Alyssa Nicole. :(

melane said...

I have three girls, but Michael was the boy name I had picked out for all three (that is my Dad's name).

Jessica M. said...

No, no, no... Steve was my sister. LOL

Jill Kemerer said...

Happy birthday to your little guy! Cake! Yes!

I would have been Stephen. Not a bad name ;)

Jessica said...

Awww, happy birthday to him! Wish I had more room for names for my kids but alas, hubby is picky. LOL

Katie Ganshert said...

Happy birthday to your son! My name would have been Tim. I don't like the name Tim, so I'm glad I'm a girl. We have a girl name for Brogan, but are keeping it under wraps since we're hoping ot have a girl someday. :)

Caroline said...

Happy Birthday!!!

We have Catherine Elizabeth. If she had been a boy, my husband was thinking either Braden Mark or Zachary Mark. I would have been fine with either one, but I am so glad I have my little Catie-Beth (or Bitlet).

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Well, I had some favorite names, but they weren't faves for my husband! And he had some fave names that reminded me of people I didn't like! So we compromised and ended up happy, luckily. Cute picture!

Mystery Writing is Murder

jeanne said...

My first two would have been Christine. Twenty years later I met a girl named Christine and felt a deja vu kind of feeling like she was the girl child I didn't have. Bizarre. XD