Oct 27, 2009

I refuse to go Roll around in the Mud

So my head feels like a brick.

This is NOT a good status to put on Facebook.

Suddenly I'm hearing,

"Oink Oink"

Now that's just not nice...

Actually it went more like this...

Marybeth Head feels like a brick...but I refuse to acknowledge it. Body aches, but it must be from all that working out I haven't been doing. And the scratchy throat is due to lack of water. Need to go get a drink!

52 minutes ago · ·
Mindy Schalk Geer
That's how "IT" starts, take caution now, and keep your kids away it spreads like wild fire!!!
51 minutes ago · Delete
Marybeth Geer-Smith
That's what I'm afraid of. I keep downin the drugs and popping the vitamin C. I don't have time to be sick!
40 minutes ago · Delete
Kathy Kent Johann Nesbitt
Oink Oink!
35 minutes ago · Delete
Linnaea Kent
OMG I was going to say the exact thing as Kathy, must be because my mom's name is Kathy ;-)
31 minutes ago · Delete
Kathy Kent Johann Nesbitt
your mom is a genius! Just sayin' ...
28 minutes ago · Delete
Marybeth Geer-Smith
I'm thinking about unfriending you girls just for the suggestion! LOL
26 minutes ago · Delete
Linnaea Kent
LOL to both of you! I'm crossing my fingers that you don't sprout a curly tail in the next few days ;-)
8 minutes ago · Delete

It's ok girls...it's just a headache. No need to fry me up like bacon just yet!

Speaking of bacon ...

My husband and I were shopping on Saturday and he says to me,

"Do you think bacon is on sale this week due to the Swine Flu?"

He's such a funny man!

Now I'm off to do a little 'unfriending' on facebook!


Scott said...

I'm sorry, but this made me LOL!

I hate that you're not feeling good, but I love the fact that you have some pretty snarky friends and/or relatives. Hope you feel better soon.


Marybeth Poppins said...

It's ok to laugh. I love them all too :) They entertain me. And I'm not feeling THAT bad. So there is no need to feel too sorry for me!

Now I better not catch your snarkasm making it's way to that comment section! LOL

Hilabeans said...

I so feel your pain. Currently suffering with a sinus infection and even the people at the doctor's office teased me about H1N1. Can we just get over it already? Not everyone who's sick has the freakin' swine flu.

OK, rant over. Off to take more meds. ;)


CMOM Productions said...

Now I won't say a word about the swine flu...


Feel better! That is all! ;)