Oct 8, 2009

Dream Interruption

I am going to interrupt my "Flash Backs" to talk about a dream I had last night. Please forgive the vast craziness of my dream, I tend to have quite an imagination.

I was riding on a bus from my home to my hometown. I had arrived in my hometown and if you know the area, I was riding down Leonard right before Turner and where you get on the expressway. All sorts of things were happening on this road. My old boss from High School who now runs the Haunt was taking down signs that were meant to redirect people to some sort of event (Having nothing to do with my old job OR the Haunt ... weird) Also some sort of festival was taking place it seemed. It was just strange.

I got out of the bus and was trying to chat it up with my old boss and he was telling me how disappointed he was that the signs hadn't worked when all of a sudden a big construction-like dump truck comes barreling down the hill. (Now I am fully aware of the fact that this street is not on a hill of any sort BUT in my dream it was...) The truck is going incredibly fast and the back attachment was swaying back and forth. No breaks were being applied and there was no sign of this truck slowing down. Something was wrong and going down a hill was only increasing the danger.

Now here is where the dream became something for me to remember ...

Going down the hill was obviously not helping with halting this truck, so the truck driver did something interesting. He turned the corner and went UP the on ramp onto the expressway, no doubt thinking it would slow him down. Unfortunately it didn't work. This truck was about to cause massive destruction and all the surrounding cars and people were going to feel its wrath. So instead of fully entering the expressway the trucker gave a sharp turn right and ran straight through the barrier and off the edge of the express way crashing the truck, and most likely ending the driver's life.

All of a sudden I'm a News Helicopter recording the scene. (What? You've never been a Helicopter before?) Nobody else was hurt and the building it slightly hit was in tact. The only person who suffered from the crash was the driver.

All I can remember is feeling so strongly about that driver. He KNEW he couldn't stop the truck and he knew people were going to get hurt because of it, so instead he risked his own life and crashed the truck to save everyone else.

I was touched.

I'm not sure why this dream effected me so strongly this morning. I just couldn't help but think this man was such a hero. I was proud of him.

Then I wondered ... would I have had the strength to make such a scary decision? Would I ever be able to be a hero if the moment presented itself? My instincts tell me that I would without a doubt, but if I really sit back and think about it...I know there would be a doubt...or two.

Would you have had it in you to drive your truck off an expressway to save hundreds of lives?

Just a quiet little reflection for the day...I promise I'll get back to something absurd tomorrow.


Jessica said...

I really, really hope I could do that. I don't know though. I want to be that kind of person but I know my weaknesses.
Cool dream!

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

I hope so. Sometimes I don't think on my feet well, though!

Why are MY dreams always really corny and pedestrian?!

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Glynis said...

I have had several dreams come true, so now if I have one that seems realistic, I write it down with a date.

Interesting post, thanks for sharing.

Katie Ganshert said...

I'd like to say yes. I like to think I'd do it. But ya just never know unless you're faced with that type of situation. Here's to hoping that will never happen!

CMOM Productions said...

I think most people are surprised at what they are capable of when a situation occurs. Heroes often don't set out to be a hero.

Foursons said...

Wow- that's quite a dream? Would I do it? I have no idea. That is just not a situation I can insert myself into and determine my actions. Love that you turned into a helicopter though!

Jeannie Campbell, LMFT said...

hey marybeth...left you a blog award on my blog today.

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