Oct 5, 2009

No Pets Allowed!

I asked last Thursday if there were any stories or things about me you'd like to hear.

Jessica said...

Hmmmm, did you have a favorite pet?

Actually, I did not have any pets growing up. Before I was born my family had like seven dogs and I think vowed never to own a pet again after that.
I didn't even have a gold fish!

This is how bad it was.

The local grocery store chain in our area, Meijer, used to have "Kids Week". They would have contests and kid related activities all weekend. With one contest you could win a gold fish.

I was ecstatic when I won that beautiful little gold fish, but my parents were dead set about the 'No Pets' rule and I actually had to send it off with my sisters friend!

It was just a gold fish!

Moral to the story ... never own seven dogs ... you're likely to not like pets ever again. Instead, buy your kids a gold fish, they'll be just as happy!

So did anyone have any pet free parents like me? Or did you have seven dogs too?

If you haven't had a chance to request your story about my childhood visit THIS post! Leave a comment and I'll quench your thirst for knowledge!


Jessica said...

No pets at all? That's kind of sad. :-(

CKHB said...

I was allergic to everything fuzzy or fluffy, so my childhood pets included a turtle (Morton) and a snail (Ralph). Finally, when I was in high school, my family got a parakeet, and I've been a bird person ever since!

Cathie said...

Growing up we also had dogs. We at one time had 4 cocker spaniels and a great dane and a bird and 2 hamsters and a tank full of fish. Sadly now, I don't want to own any pets besides the 1 fish we have.

Katie Ganshert said...

We had two dogs growing up. Didn't keep either for very long. I had a hamster once too. I remember when he died, I pretended to be sad, but really I wasn't. I didn't like that hamster. Now we have a dog, and he is absolutely, one hundred percent a part of our family.

Natalie said...

I am so sad for you! I loved my dogs (and rabbits, and gerbils, and birds, and newts, and lizards, and hamsters and...) but they all died-- and that was kind of hard for me as a kid. So there are probably some benefits to never having pets.

Krista Phillips said...

Awwww... poor Marybeth! We had dogs growing up... but my daddy complained about it every second he could. *grin* We have a dog... had a gold fish at one time--lasted a REALLY long time too.

Jeannie Campbell, LMFT said...

that is sad! i got outvoted for the family pet when i was 5. i wanted a cat and my brothers wanted a dog. 2 to 1. :(

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The Character Therapist

Foursons said...

We once had 27 cats all at the same time. 3 of our cats all had kittens on the same day. Talk about inbreeding! It was horrible!

CMOM Productions said...

We had dogs & outdoor cats (and goats & horses at different times). Our indoor dogs didn't shed as animal fur took a toll on allergies. Currently in our own home, we are sticking with the no pets rule. We've had fish, but until the kids are older that's it.

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