Oct 7, 2009

Was I a Sports Jock?

And on to the next question.

Sarah Wood said...

What was your favorite childhood sport? Basketball is what comes to mind when I think of you :)

Oh Sarah...you would know! Basket ball was ESPECIALLY my favorite the year I played for your school. What was that? Sixth grade? (Sorry, but you totally asked for it!)

When I was in Grade School I belonged to a Catholic school that didn't have many students. My graduating class in the eighth grade had a whole whopping nine kids. Seven girls and two boys.

When it came time for sports I was limited because no one else in my class was much interested.
My parents were immensely supportive of my need to play basket ball, so they enrolled me in teams at the surrounding Catholic schools that would take me.

In sixth grade I ended up at Sarah's school and that was the BEST year for basket ball.
Our coach was a drill Sargent, but our team was awesome and if I remember correctly Sarah and I became quite good friends! I can't tell you how grateful I am to facebook for letting me get in touch with her again.

Isn't that the best part about sports though? Meeting new friends that you might not have talked to had you not been the on the same team? The friendship with my BFF in High School was started during my Sophomore year while playing tennis. One conversation about "Stroking Yellow Fuzzy Balls" sparked a long lasting friendship that hopefully will never end.

Whereas Basketball and Tennis were awesome sports and I highly enjoyed playing them, they were also a blessing to my life.

What was your favorite sport as a child? What was the reason? Was it because you had an awesome team or was it for the socialization?

If you haven't had a chance to request your story about my childhood visit THIS post! Leave a comment and I'll quench your thirst for knowledge!


Natalie said...

I sucked equally at all sports but I did play some basketball. My teams were actually incredible (due mostly to my good friend who went on to play college ball) and I enjoyed watching them win from my comfy seat on the bench.

Sarah Wood said...

Oh wow! That picture is hideous (of me at least)! I was smoking hot in those extra large glasses and my kicking cow shirt. What are we doing there? I do miss those b-ball days...Lots of running, dribbling, and more running.

Eileen Astels Watson said...

I definitely did not have a favorite sport--I hated all of them. I was a bookworm to the core!

Foursons said...

HA! Sarah's comment cracked me up. Smokin' Sarah!

Basketball and tennis were my sports too! Don't you love me just a little bit more now?

eden tyler said...

Such a CUTE blog! Good stuff here!!!

And I see I can also be a fan of yours... I'm afraid to make a fan page of fb -- I doubt anyone would click the little box lol ;)

xx -eden*

CMOM Productions said...

I was a cheerleader. It's more a sport now than it ever used to be (thanks to competitive cheer). Beyond that, I'm too short & clumsy to play much. I loved baseball, but gave up on it before high school.

Krista Phillips said...

LOL, I played basketball for a year or two... and same with Volleyball. Never was the greatest at either, but it was fun:-)

And, if my sleuthing skills are correct, were the two of you coloring Easter eggs in that picture?

Katie Ganshert said...

Volleyball and basketball were my two favs. Made great friends through club teams...and our team wasn't so bad either. :)

Marybeth Poppins said...

It was Easter Eggs :) Good Eye there Krista!