Nov 20, 2009

Can I get a Crown (or 4) with that Value Meal?

I may or may not be in the middle of a New Moon hangover. It is possible that I did not fall asleep until almost 4am and had dreams that consisted of (very hawt) vampires and werewolves mixed with themes from my latest WIP. I pretty much feel like I haven't slept in over 24 hours.

BUT ...

It was SOOOO worth it!!!

I'm sure there are those out there that did not enjoy it. But I totally did!

And not even JUST because of these ...

Though they did contribute to the overall likability of the film.

Actually I really enjoyed Jacob Black's personality. Oh come on! Really he has an awesome personality in the movie ... I swear! Really I've tried very hard not to be Team Jacob mainly because he's way to young and I find it slightly disturbing. But I have to admit after watching him play the part, and he played the snarkasm part perfectly, I am kinda routing for him and Bella. (GASP!!!) But let's be realistic, his snarkasm can't compare to the over all angst of a hot (adult) vampire!!!

Ok so aside from that I promised a story. And when I make a promise I deliver!

Yesterday I decided it was imperative that I found myself a set of New Moon Burger King crowns. My Team Edward shirt and Mini E just didn't feel like enough to make me look like a complete idiot. I wanted to go a bit further.

So this is how I accomplished it....

BK #1

I walk in, telling my 4 yr old that we were not going in for food. He convinced me that we were indeed going in for food. But I wanted to take care of the crown first. So I walked up to an older woman. And when I say older I say as in the actual age of Edward kind of old. (give or take 30 or 40 years) I walk up with 4 year old and ask her for a crown (or two) and she looks at 4 year old and get's so excited and hands me over a Nickelodeon Teen Choice Award crown. FAIL.

So I say, "Um do you have any of the new crowns?"

"No these are the only crowns we have," the ancient woman replies still smiling at 4 year old as she begins to hand over the second crown.

I grab 4 year old, throw the crown on his head and say thank you as I head out the door before she can hand me a second crown.

4 year old is excited about the crown so he doesn't notice that he didn't get food ... until we get in the car empty handed of course. But I tell him not to worry. We are going to try a different BK. All is well.

BK #2

We walk in to a much shorter line so this time I actually wait, next to two really cute college boys. (This can be a problem sometimes living in the same town as a Big Ten school) We get to the counter and a teenagish boy is standing behind the counter and normal boring crowns are sitting on the counter.

"Do you have the new crowns?" I ask in a covert voice.

"You mean New Moon?" he says with an all too wide grin. I glance to the side hoping cute boys aren't staring at me and my full grown adultness as I ask about crowns for a teenage movie.

"Um yeah," I answer.

"Yeah I'm going tonight too," he says as he hands me a couple crowns. Only a couple. There are 4 of us going to the movie. I look at the 4 year old and ask him if he's hungry. As if I even had to ask.

"Can I get some cini minis?" I ask, then add, "And two more crowns with those."

"Sure!" he says.

So I go stand in line with my four crowns waiting for my $1 meal when another woman, possibly a year or two older than me, comes in and asks for a few crowns also.

I look at her and laugh.

"Are those for your kids?" I ask laughing and holding up my crowns. We share a little chuckle.

Then the manager walks up as us two, well aged, women begin to leave and she grits her teeth and says to the boy, "You're only suppose to hand those out with the gift cards."


So there you have my BK Crown Adventure. It was a bit funnier while it happened. But hopefully you enjoyed it a bit too. Now off to possibly get maybe 10 minutes of sleep before I have to finish cleaning the house, finish a scrapbook, pack and get ready to go on a road trip for the weekend. And somehow I need to fit a shower in there and I still have some Grey's Anatomy to catch up on!!!

Has anyone seen some extra time?


Natalie said...

That's hilarious! I'm not gung-ho enough to go opening night but I am excited to see it (maybe this weekend :)

{Kimber} said...

I'll buy whatever I have to to get a crown!!!
I am with you on the Jake thing too...I never really "felt" it until last night seeing him in action...I like him--a LOT!