Nov 30, 2009

Good Thing the Tooth Fairy Can Smell

Happy day in the Poppins Household!!!

We've lost our first tooth! That's right, the first Poppins Family baby tooth has finally been wiggled and giggled and, in the end, flossed out. Altogether a very exciting moment.

All was going well. My son even made his very own Lego Tooth Holder to put under his pillow.

The tooth was placed safely into it's holder and set in a safe place until it was bed time. Sadly bedtime came and went and the tooth never made it under the pillow. It's all good, it made it to the pillow first thing in the morning.

Now the thing about putting a tooth into a Lego holder in the morning is that it is impossible not end up playing with that Lego holder during the day. So when bedtime came the Lego Tooth Holder had gone missing. Oh no!

Luckily, the Lego Tooth Holder was found, but the tooth had gone missing.


Luckily Mommy Poppins knew what to do ... Improvise!

First we ransacked the room looking for the tooth. No luck.

Then I had an idea.

"It's ok," I consoled him. "The Tooth Fairy will know the tooth was under the pillow because she can smell teeth."

"Oh!" he said excited. "I didn't know that."

"Well the Tooth Fairy is pretty awesome!" I said.

Just like that! The lovely innocence and naivety of children comes in handy at moments like this!

So I said, "All you need to do is write the Tooth Fairy a note so she knows you lost it."

We grabbed a crayon and some paper and....

The best part was in the morning he was so excited to see the Tooth Fairy had taken the note that he didn't even notice she left him money!

That's my boy!!!

**** For my writer friends**** I wrote a (slightly) opinionated blog today about my thoughts on agents. I personally think they are awesome!!! Come tell me what you think!


Krista Phillips said...

TOO cute!!!! We've never lost a tooth, but sheepishly... the toothfairy has forgotten to come before, which REALLY stinks.

Curious... how much is the going rate for a tooth at your house??

Marybeth Poppins said...

Well it was the FIRST tooth so I kinda went big and put a whole dollar under the pillow.

I guess I was kinda excited too!

I actually remember losing one of my teeth once too. I was devastated! He took it better than I did! LOL

Krista Phillips said...

LOL! WE um, over pay for teeth. Lacy got five bucks.

There's a story behind it though... we had foster kids a few years ago, and one of the boys lost a tooth, and he said the tooth fairy always gave him five bucks (aka his previous foster mom) so what was a girl to do? I couldn't let the toothefairy turn stooge.

But now I've locked in the rate for my own kids... blah! I might gradually go down to 4... then 3... and see if they don't notice the price cut.

Marybeth Poppins said...

Goodness woman! You're gonna put the tooth fairy out of business! LOL

Sande said...

Great for fairies on a budget ... kids happy to play with the wrapper.

And his note; beginning of blogging I say.

Rebecca said...

That's awesome!

T. Anne said...

You are too funny. Your son is so creative with that lego box! Gee, wonder where he gets it???

Katie Ganshert said...

That is ADORABLE! Absolutely one hundred percent adorable. Kids are the best!

Foursons said...

We had to write a note a couple of weeks ago too but the note never made it under the pillow and my son forgot all about any money. Hahaha- terrible I know!

Jody Hedlund said...

Ah, that's adorable, Marybeth! We have little tooth holders that are in the shape of a tooth. My son just recently lost a tooth and did the tooth-fairy shee-bang. At an entirely ungodly hour of the morning he woke up and found the money in his little tooth holder. He started playing with the money and lost some in his bed. Of course he began to cry, woke me up, and Momma was not happy about that!

Marybeth Poppins said...

Sande...Fairies on budgets rock! Though I didn't realize the going rate for a tooth had escalated so high! I should have checked into that. Luckily he hasn't googled it yet so I think we're all good ;)

Oh just wait Rebecca ... your time is not far behind. Those teeth should be getting loose soon!

T. Anne ... I'm not sure what you are talking about? my family? Noooooooo

Katie I agree...I love these moments with my kids :)

Foursons...yeah I'd never get away with that. My kids been waiting for the tooth fairy for at least a month now! The world would have melted had I not indulged. LOL

Jody ... Oh dear! Lost money in the middle of the night is quite a tragedy. What if he had to go to the store for an emergency Hot Wheel at 3am??? He couldn't let that happen!

Jessica said...

All the comments are cracking me up! LOL
Krista, I can't believe you guys give FIVE bucks! *screeching*

Congrats to your little guy on the tooth. :-) We haven't lost any here yet.

Marybeth Poppins said...

Krista's living the big time! LOL
(Or I'm just super behind the times...we only got a quarter when we were little!)

Your day will be sooner than you think Jessica!

Jessica said...

I only got a quarter too. I might allow for inflation and give my kids fifty cents, but that's it! LOL

Anonymous said...

Your kid is the bomb! Love his lego tooth holder! What an imagination.

Your Tooth Fairy sounds like she belongs in the Hall-of-Fairies-Fame. The one that worked in Pennsylvania in the early & mid-90's was such a slacker! Well, slacker might be too harsh...think Aunt Clara from Bewitched...she had sick days, vacations and put the money under the if!