Nov 14, 2009

Question of The Day! (Updated)

If you had to leave your home as a teenager and could only take 10 items with you, what would they have been?


You are a teen in the late 90's. Somewhere between 13 and 15. You are being taken from your home and told you can only bring what fits in your back pack.

Feel free to throw in some mysterious items!

This is a very important question friends. I NEED YOUR HELP!

(You guys are awesome by the way...thanks for your help!)


Anonymous said...


Booze (20/20 or thunderbirds!!)
Favourite bag

... I think thats it. Im thinking when I was 16ish.... not 13ish.... :)

Krista Phillips said...

It depends why I"m leaving and how long I'm leaving for... is this like, "OH MY GOSH, HURRICANE COMING, GRAB YOUR MOST PRECIOUS POSSESSIONS AND GET THE HECK OUT OF DODGE"?

If so, here is my list... as a teenagerish girl TODAY (not when I was a teenager...)

1.) Purse
2.) MP3 player
3.) CellPhone
4.) A bag full of fav. shoes
5.) A bag full of fav. clothes
6.) Jewelry box (with all jewelry in it)
7.) Makeup
8.) Hair brush
9.) Diary

Okay, if the "bag full" doesn't count... then just favorite pair of shoes and ditch the diary and do favorite pants and favorite shirt instead.

Amy De Trempe said...

If I were a teenager today???
1) Laptop
2) Camera
3) Cell phone with charger
4) Money
5) Makeup
6) Hairbrush/toiletries
7) Clothing

As a teenager when I was one, all of the above, except the laptop and cellphone. They weren't in existence back then.

Katie Ganshert said...

That's tough! I'm not sure at all. Why the random question?? I'm curious. Book research?

Scott said...

Does the Lord of the Rings Trilogy count as one item or three??

Oh, do I flashback to when I actually was a teenager, or pretend I'm one now? Let's go with now . . .

Cell Phone
Charger x 2
ATM Card
MP3 Player
Favorite Book

Sorry, couldn't come up with ten.


Jessica said...

This is tough. What age? And am I leaving then (before computers, iPods, etc) or am I leaving now, but as a teen?
Did that make any sense? LOL

I know money and my Bible would be on the list. Clothes. If my situation was really bad, I might take my parent's car to a bus station or something.

Rebecca said...

some clothes, my journal, a few photos, and my 'lovey'...and sunglasses, maybe a book or two...oh and a pen to write in my journal of course!

Holly Bodger said...

Late 90s huh?
1) Interac/bank card
2) Cell phone
3) Address book
4) Diskman
5) Journal
6) Pink leather jacket

Scott said...

Male or Female??

Marybeth Poppins said...

Female ... Loving all your suggestions by the way!

Scott said...

Okay, obviously she's not being kidnapped . . .

1) Pocketknife (you said she's not girly)
2) Cell Phone
3) Black Leather Journal (again, not girly)
4) Pen
5) Flashlight
6) Granola Bars
7) Twine (you just never know, she might have watched MacGyver)
8) ATM Card
9) Duct Tape (sorry, not girly kinda stuck (ooooh, get it) with me)
10) Clothes

Hey, do we get credit when you incorporate our genius suggestions into your WiP???

CMOM Productions said...

1 journal/notebook & pen (it's a set)
2 photo of those important to me, or photo album
3 the baby blanket my Mom made me
4 music/portable radio with headphones
5 money
6 trinket/jewelry piece that was my great-grandparent's
7 clothes
8 deoderant
9 hair stuff (ponytailer/brush)
10 makeup
*bonus an umbrella for a teen Poppins. :)

Natalie said...




Cash, including quarters for the pay phone (what 14-year-old in the 90's had a bank card, or a cell phone?)


Clean clothes

Photo album with pictures of family and friends

Snacks for later

That's pretty practical. Way to go with your progress!

Hilabeans said...

13 - 15 in the 90's. Hmmm... I guess black eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss, CDs: Candlebox, Nirvana, and Paula Abdul (Spellbound album), CD Walkman (utilitarian yellow), money, big 'ol Motorola 550 phone, PAGER!!!, extra jeans, Teen Spirit gel deodorant, Exclamation! perfume, extra flannel shirt, a Harry Potter book, and a Nintendo Game Boy with Super Mario Bros.

Does that help?

Marybeth Poppins said...

Ok was Harry Potter actually out in 1999?

I love all the music selections. Oh and the yellow disc/walkman! YESSS...

You guys are awesome. Keep the answers coming! Maybe one day you'll see why I asked ;)

Hilabeans said...

Yes - Book 1 (Sorceror's Stone) was released Sept 1, 1998. Book 2 (Chamber of Secrets) was June 2, 1999.

Jessica said...

I gave you an award! :-)

Nineties...hmm, I just don't know. I would've been in my teens but I'm not sure what I would've taken.

CKHB said...

FAVORITE STUFFED ANIMAL(S). How is it possible that CMOM is the only other person who mentioned a comfort item (baby blanket)? Hell, if there was a fire NOW, my doggy would be next on the list after my daughter, husband, and the family photos, and I'm 36.